Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Talking Points on Legislation Made Easy

I have heard from several members they want to contact their legislator, but are not sure what to say or feel uninformed.  MEA has a direct link to talking points on specific bills that you may wish to voice your opinion on.  Go to http://www.mea.org/ , click on "Bill Tracker" in the right hand margin.  You will be directed to a new page listing current legislation that MEA is tracking.  Bills in need of urgent action will alert you with a message in blue in the far right hand column.  Now, here is the good part, at the top of the page, in blue, is a link to talking points for each of the most urgent bills.  There you have it!  By clicking on the talking points link, you will have the information you need to fire off a letter or e-mail to your legislator at your fingertips.  Better yet, make a phone call and use the information to tell them how you feel.
We must continue to oppose cuts to education, legislation aimed at destroying public unions, and your right to make a decent living and take care of your family.  Your actions do have a powerful impact on what is happening.  Keep the pressure on.

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