Saturday, May 7, 2011

House Votes To Cut K-12 Funding

As you probably already have heard, the House voted to cut K-12 funding this past Thursday.  The House voted 57-53 for House Bill 4325.  Under the plan, K-12 districts will receive hundreds less in state aid per pupil for 2011-12 to pay for huge tax breaks for business.  Both Rep. Greg MacMaster (105th) and Frank Foster (107th) voted for the massive cut in order to give businesses a huge $1.8 billion tax cut.  While this vote is very disappointing, the budget battle isn't over. The House and Senate now must reconcile competing funding plans.  I have been hearing from numerous sources that your phone calls, e-mails, and letters are having a positive impact on the outcome of this and several other bill dealing with teacher tenure, attacks on unions, and collective bargaining.
The battle over K-12 funding is far from over.  We all must keep contacting our legislators and demand they stop this assault on public education, unions, and the middle class.  You have a prime opportunity on Monday May 16 to let your voice be heard by attending a meeting at Boyne City High School to speak directly to Rep. Greg MacMaster.  We need everyone to attend.  Rep. MacMaster owes us an explanation as to why he voted for the huge cuts to our schools while saying he is a strong proponent for public education and teachers.  Now is the time to act!  Keep contacting your legislator.  Do not let them off the hook!

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