Wednesday, June 8, 2011

House advances anti-tenure bills

The GOP-led state House today advanced a four-bill package to overhaul tenure and collective bargaining laws.
The legislation -- House Bills 4625, 4626, 4627, and 4628 -- would, in fact, dismantle tenure AND collective bargaining of most subjects currently decided at the local bargaining table, including placement of employees, evaluation systems, discharge/discipline policies, and more.
The state House today advanced them to the order of third reading. We expect the House to take a final vote on the bills tomorrow! Contact your state representative today. Tell him/her to vote no on House Bills 4625, 4626, 4627, and 4628.

MEA strongly opposes these bills. MEA is working with lawmakers on changes to these bills that threaten your tenure and bargaining rights. We support changes to the tenure process, including addressing administrator training and reducing the time and cost of tenure cases.

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