Thursday, September 15, 2011

East Jordan Needs Our Help

East Jordan teachers are in a crisis.  The teachers have offered to make concessions similar to our contract regarding salary freezes, co-pays on insurance, among others.  The board has rejected their offers and said there proposals did not "offer enough" in cuts and/or savings.  If it wasn't enough, then what is?  So far the district won't say.  However, they did hire an attorney at $30,000 dollars a throw to negotiate for the district.
We need to attend the board meeting Monday, September 19 in East Jordan at 5:30pm in the high school.  I suspect many of you know people who work at East Jordan schools, have friends there, or know employees at Boyne City schools who have spouses working there.  It's time to support our friends and neighbors in need!  If you can't make it Monday night, call the board office at 536-3131 and ask for the time, meeting place, and directions on how to get there.  Even if you plan to go, call anyway.  The idea is make them aware that people in the surrounding districts care about what happens in E.J., are watching, and getting involved.  If we were in the same situation (remember two years ago?) I would like to think East Jordan staff would come and support us.  Remember, attend and call 536-3131 for info on the meeting.

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