Monday, January 9, 2012

East Jordan Teachers Need Your Support

Mark Monday, January 16 on your calendar.  East Jordan Board of Ed will meet and you need to be there.  They have not settled a contract and are still asking for ridiculous terms compared to what other area schools are getting.  How would you like a pay freeze AND a 5% cut in pay.  On top of that, you would take a cap on your insurance.  That means the board would only pay up to a certain amount for monthly premiums and if you wanted better insurance, you would pay the difference.  On top of that, the district has been giving up $28,000 per month in savings since July because they refuse to accept concessions offered by the East Jordan teachers.  This is not about money ( 8% fund equity in the district).  This is about sticking it to teachers and anti-union sentiment from the board.
 Show your support and attend the meeting Monday, January 16 @ 5:30pm in the H.S. Auditorium.  You owe it to your friends and colleagues in East Jordan.

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