Sunday, January 8, 2012

RTW and Snyder's Education Plan is Lurking Around the Corner

I'm betting most everyone is glad 2011 is behind us.  It couldn't get much worse, eh?  Well, don't let your guard down.  The Republican party is still pushing to make every state they can a Right to Work state, including Michigan.  On Meet the Press this morning, every single Republican presidential candidate was in favor of passing RTW laws and stated it would be a good thing not only for New Hampshire, but the rest of us as well.  Don't be fooled by the arguments and rhetoric.  None of their assumptions that RTW will bring jobs to Michigan (or anywhere else, for that matter) or improve the middle class is based on any factual information or scientific studies.  Beware of what any of our representatives say.  They have not done their homework.  It is based solely on party ideology.  If the thinking fits the philosophy, then they will go for it, no matter the outcome or how it affects you or me.  Pretty sad way to run government and make policy decisions.

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