Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Attacks on Your Union

The legislature in Lansing has 21 days to still do damage to our union.  SB 636 and HB 4588 would bar school districts from payroll deducting union dues.  Our own superintendent has said it is a drop in the bucket as far as expense goes to do payroll deduction of dues.  MEA and local districts have been doing this for years with no complaints form school districts.  This is simply another attempt by narrow minded law makers to try and destroy public unions.  If they can get rid of MEA, they have effectively eliminated a powerful voice for educators, students, and public education in Michigan.  It would also  impact the amount of money the Democratic party receives from MEA and its members to help counter the Republican agenda.  Call Sen. Howard, Rep. foster, and Rep. MacMasters and tell them to vote NO.  it makes no economic sense to stop the practice and it denies local districts the right to bargain and have local control.

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