Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rep Greg MacMaster is at it again

Rep. Greg MacMaster thinks its a good idea if Michigan was allowed to have Right to Work (For Less) Zones.  In fact he likes the idea so much, he co-sponsored the bill.  Tell Macmaster that Right to Work is a disater for Michigan.  Don't know what Right to Work is?  Right to Work would:
  • allow individuals to receive union protections for free, while the rest of use pay dues to protect the freeloaders
  • lower wages for everyone, union or non-union workers
  • NOT create jobs!
  • allow employers to cut your wages and benefits
  • increase the number of people living below the poverty line
  • make Michigan look and act like Mississippi
Tell Rep MacMaster this is a bad idea.  Tell him to start representing all his constituents, not just wealthy conservative Republican.  Tell him to stop doing what the party leadership orders him to do and vote with the 99% in mind.  Tell him to stop drinking the kool-aid and believing the deceptive lies proponents of Right to Work tout as fact based on junk science put out by groups like the Mackinaw Center.

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