Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Right to Work (For Less!) is Alive and Well

The Senate is working on a bill right now that would effectively abolish public unions in this state.  what does that have to do with you?  Everything! "Right to Work" is a misleading and false title.
Fact:  Right to Work (For Less) states have a lower standard of living than free bargaining states (like Michigan)
Fact:  Right to Work (For Less) States have poorer educational systems (think Mississippi)
Fact:  Right to Work (For Less) brings down wages for everyone, both union workers and non-union.
Fact:  Businesses look for states with an educated work force, land accessibility, low construction costs, not whether it is a Right to work *(For Less) state or not
Fact:  there is no evidence that Right to Work (For Less) laws increases job growth

Need any more convincing that Right to Work (For Less) is wrong for Michigan?  Call Sen. Walker, Rep. Foster, and Rep. MacMaster and tell them to vote NO on any Right to Work (For Less) legislation that comes up. 

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