Friday, February 17, 2012

Breaking News: PPP poll shows Dems Have Good Shot Winning House

A new Public Policy Poll shows Michigan Democrats have a legitimate chance to flip the House of Representatives in 2012 fall elections. According to Public Policy Poll,

"Democrats should have a pretty good chance at retaking control of the House there this fall.  They lead the generic legislative ballot by 14 points, 48-34. They have an 8 point advantage with independents and are also benefiting from superior party unity with 92% of Democrats planning to vote Democratic to 83% of Republicans planning to vote Republican."

This should give every one of us renewed vigor and focused resolve to keep the pressure on our elected officials to do the right thing. Keep calling them. Encourage your friends and neighbors to vote this coming November. It is our opportunity to turn the tide on the education bashers and destroyers of the middle class.

Yes, Friday is the best day of the week.

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