Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More in Store From Lansing

Keep calling your legislator and tell them to slow down the cyber school train.  Its not that it is a bad idea.  It is the fact it is yet to be a proven educational method for teaching kids what they need to complete in today's economy.  Don't be fooled by the proponents of cyber schools when they say it will give students and their parents options to a public education.  Do you really want to gamble with your child's education and put it in the hands of a corporation that does not even reside in Michigan?  All we are saying is slow down and look at the facts.  Due diligence is needed before we pump millions of tax payer dollars into coporate pockets on an idea that has not been proven.  Keep calling.  Rembemer, thos ewho can, teach.  Those who cannot pass bills against those who can teach.

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